Bulgarian Citizenship – Your Ticket to European Life

Bulgarian Citizenship – Your Ticket to European Life

Bulgarian citizenship is EU citizenship.

In 2007 Bulgaria officially became a member of the European Union. From that moment on, all citizens of the country received equal rights with residents of other member states in the EU.

This means that citizens of Bulgaria in any EU country have the same rights as citizens of Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, and other European countries.

With Bulgarian citizenship, you can freely move, live, officially work, and purchase housing in any of the 28 EU countries.

Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship opens up wide opportunities for arranging a new life of a European level on the legal rights of a resident: obtaining many benefits, benefits, and social guarantees from the state.

With our help, you will receive the status of a Bulgarian citizen in a short time, proving your belonging to ethnic Bulgarians. We comply with the legality of the procedure when processing documents at every stage and guarantee the result – obtaining Bulgarian citizenship on the basis of origin.

Benefits of Bulgarian citizenship

  • Travels – Visa-free travel to more than 150 countries (Japan, Canada, UAE, etc.).
  • Official employment – The opportunity to get an official job in any country of the European Union.
  • Free movement – The ability to visit any EU country as a local population without visas and additional permits
  • Advanced medicine – Getting qualified medical care in the best clinics in Europe.
  • Preferential terms of study – Education in prestigious European universities on preferential terms.
  • Low lending rates – Loan on favorable terms

Documents required for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship

  • Parent’s birth certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Parent’s marriage certificate
  • Internal passport
  • International passport
  • Health medical certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Certificate of Bulgarian Origin

Procedure for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship

  • Collection, legalization, and submission of a package of documents.
    We help to collect and properly prepare all the necessary documents for submission to DABCH. Our lawyers will personally accompany you to Sofia.
  • Issuance of a certificate of origin.
    Your dossier will be reviewed by the commission and in case of confirmation of your Bulgarian origin, you will be given an appropriate document – a certificate of origin. With this document, you will be able to apply for citizenship to the Ministry of Justice.
  • Citizenship application and interview.
    On the appointed day, accompanied by a Bolgaria.me lawyer, you will submit the necessary documents to the Ministry of Justice along with your application for citizenship. On the same day, you need to pass an interview at the Ministry regarding your intentions, origin, as well as knowledge of the history and culture of the Bulgarian people. We will prepare you in advance for the interview and help you master the basic knowledge of the language.
  • Obtaining a certificate of citizenship and a passport.
    As soon as the order for your citizenship appears on the website of the Ministry of Justice, you will receive an official notification by mail. Then you will be given an appropriate certificate of citizenship, on the basis of which you can proceed with the preparation of all documents of a citizen of Bulgaria. With our help, the procedure for issuing documents is carried out in a short time.

As a citizen of Bulgaria, you will receive such documents

  • Certificate of citizenship
  • Marriage certificate
  • Internal passport entered
  • Bulgarian foreign passport
  • Driving license

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